Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing methodology has changed over the years and continues to change. There are many different methods from mass production, Five “S” Workplace Organization, Just-In-Time, Kanban, or Lean; just to name a few. Whatever method is used, at the heart of all this is the people that do the work, the quality of the raw materials and the machines used to produce the product. At Sherwood Shelving™ our team is committed to providing the best service and attention to detail throughout the entire manufacturing process. They are highly trained and skilled with a desire to do their best at all times.

Sherwood Shelving™ knows that you can have the right people but without using high quality raw material and having the right machines, or “tools” to do the job, you will not get the results. For this reason considerable investment has been made to make sure we use nothing but the best available raw material and use the best machinery possible. We not only have the right machines but redundancy so if one of our machines requires repair we have a backup machine…so orders are filled on time when you need them!

All of our machines are European made from such areas as Germany, Italy and Austria. The European CNC technology is touted as the most superior in the world in the woodworking industry. With machines like the IMA Novimat, Biesse Skipper and Schelling fh6, as our “flag ship” machines, we are ready to tackle any job. Give us a call today to see how we can help you meet all your product needs.

IMA Novimat

Edge banding performance through servo-technology.            




Biesse Skipper 100

Flexible boring center by numerical control.




Schelling fh6

Solid construction ensures the highest degree of precision.                                       






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