Point-to-Point - Biesse Skipper

Skipper 100 is a flexible boring center that uses an innovative panel handling system. The tools are fixed, allowing the panels to move on an air floatation table in an easy and fast way. In this way panels with different dimensions can be machined without interruption, the machine can work the panel from above and below at the same time and can produce two identical or mirrored panels per cycle with no difficulty. The Skipper 100 can also machine porous materials since the pieces are blocked with grippers directly managed by the numerical control. It can even process small pieces and carry out “through” machining.

Skipper 100 is the ideal machine for Sherwood Shelving that has chosen to dedicate it for specific series production. The machine reaches its highest potential when integrated in a system with automatic up and down loading, thereby emphasizing practicality and speed.